Why are you selling?

Why have you decided to sell your property in Crested Butte? Have you outgrown your current home and wish to upgrade to a larger home? Have you decided to downsize to a smaller property? Have you discovered that you do not spend as much time in Crested Butte as you had originally anticipated? Are you moving to another area? The answers to these questions might seem obvious to you, however being clear about your intentions will help me as your Agent to determine the most appropriate steps to take depending on your specific real estate goals.

What is your timeframe?

Before listing your Crested Butte home for sale, you should immediately establish your timeline for selling. If you need to sell your property quickly, it is important to thoroughly review the current market with your Agent in order to gain perspective of the current market values and available inventory. Regardless of what you originally paid for your property, your home will need to be priced competitively and realistically within the current market in order to sell promptly. If there is no pressing need to sell, you and your Agent can take time to review the current market and keep an eye on any changes to determine the most favorable time to sell.

What is your home worth?

Home values are NOT determined by the original purchase price of a property nor by what an individual might currently owe on their home. Home values ARE determined by the current market conditions and what Buyers are willing to spend. An experienced agent will work with you to determine your home’s actual worth by providing detailed up to date market information.

Experience & Expertise

Is your Agent a full time realtor or a part time realtor? Is your Agent familiar with Crested Butte and the type of property that you are wanting to sell? Does your Agent utilize a wide range of marketing and advertising strategies? Is your Agent willing to provide your with references and examples of prior sales?

Availability & Commitment

Your Agent should be capable of prompt and decisive action during the course of selling your Crested Butte property. Does your Agent make it a point to keep in touch with you on a consistent basis? Can your Agent be contacted easily by email or phone? Is your Agent acting as your advocate?


Does your Agent take the time to listen to your goals and clarify your needs? Can your Agent understand and empathize with your unique situation and be genuinely concerned about the outcome of the process? Your Agent is your guide and your partner throughout the entire sales process, so it’s very important to find an Agent that you get along with and most importantly, that you trust.

  • Your property will be photographed and posted on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service)

  • Your home will be listed on sothebysrealty.com, bensonsothebysrealty.com, homes-in-crested-butte.com, and jaimagiles.com
  • Your property will be launched to over 60 partner websites, including but not limited to- trulia.com, realtor.com, zillow.com, homes.com, homefinder.com, and homesillustrated.com
  • Your home will be advertised within local publications such as the Crested Butte News, Crested Butte Magazine, and Benson Sotheby’s exclusive brochure “The Collection”
  • Your property will be advertised within several social media outlets (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, uTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn)
  • Your property will be presented on Sotheby’s E-Gallery worldwide if the list price is $1.5mm or higher
  • Your home will be presented on Benson Sotheby’s E-Gallery if the list price is $350k or higher
  • Your home will be introduced to Agents within our office at our weekly office meetings and through an email blast sent out to all agents within Gunnison County
  • Your property will be introduced to my client base through a direct email campaign and within my monthly newsletter
  • I will host an open house at your home to increase public and broker awareness
  • I will provide a personal preview for all interested Agents
  • I will provide you with copies of all advertising materials if requested
  • I will provide regular updates on the market and on comparable homes that have been listed or have had price changes
  • I will prepare your home for all showings by turning on the lights, opening the blinds, and turning on music when available
  • I will conduct a walk-through after each showing to insure that the home is safe and secure
  • I will inform you of all showings and inquiries related to your property
  • I will present and negotiate any and all offers received on your home
  • I will always keep you updated on the most current market information and work as your advocate and partner throughout the entire sales process
Don’t let yourself be fooled by the popular misconception that the highest offer is always the best offer. Price is not always the determining factor when receiving an offer; there are a number of terms and conditions that may influence the final outcome of a price. As your Agent I will go through the contract with you line by line so that you can thoroughly evaluate every aspect the proposal in order to make a confident and informed decision.
As your Agent, I take the ethical responsibility of fairly negotiating contractual terms very seriously. It’s my job to find a win-win agreement that beneficial to all parties involved. Oftentimes you will have to deal with several offers before finding the one that you feel is the most suitable for you, and as your Agent I guarantee a thorough and objective assessment of every offer to help you make the right choice.
Once an agreement has been made and the Offer has been signed by all parties, the Seller and Buyer have agreed to the amount of the good faith deposit (also known as Earnest Money). This reflects the Buyer’s intention to purchase the property and the Title Company holds these funds in escrow to ensure that no funds or property will change hands until the instructions agreed to in the contract are fully executed.

* Keep a calendar of events. Now that you have agreed to an offer, you and the Buyer will be given a timetable to mark every stage of the contract from start to finish. Meeting the requirements on time ensures a smooth flow of negotiations. During the process I will keep you on track and updated so you’ll always be prepared for the next step.

* Keep written records of everything. For the sake of clarity, it is extremely useful to transcribe all verbal agreements into written agreements that can be signed by all parties. I will assist you by drafting Addendums for any verbal agreements agreed to outside of the contract so that you are always protected.

In most cases, the Buyer selects the title company. It is the title companies job to examine and insure title to the real property being conveyed. After researching the complete recorded history of your property, the title company will certify that 1) your title is free and clear of encumbrances (mortgages, leases, or restrictions) by the date of closing, and 2) all new encumbrances are included in the title. The Title company will provide the Buyer with a title commitment to insure the property against any issues once the property has sold and you will have an opportunity to review this with your Agent in detail.
A contingency is a condition that must be met before the contract becomes legally binding. For example, a Buyer may include the following contingencies within their purchase contract:

  • Obtaining financing and insurance;
  • Conducting a property inspection;
  • Conducting a survey or soils testing;
  • Conducting a mold inspection or a radon inspection;
  • Reviewing title work and disclosure documents; and/or
  • Having to sell another property prior to closing on the purchase of your property.

Depending on the outcome of these contingencies, one of two things may happen. Each contingency may be met and removed, bringing you one step closer to closing, OR the Buyer, after reviewing the inspection reports or title documents, may request a renegotiation of the terms or timeline of the contract.

How do you respond objectively and fairly to the Buyer when a renegotiation is demanded, while still acting in your best interests? As your Agent, this is when I can make a real difference in the outcome of the transaction. Having dealt with multiple contingency negotiations in the past, I guarantee my expertise and commitment to every client, no matter how challenging the task may be.

Whenever an offer is contingent on a loan, I recommend that you ask the Buyer to provide a pre-approval letter from their Lender. A pre-approval letter differs from a pre-qualification letter in that it shows that the Buyer has already submitted a full application to the Lender to determine their qualifications. The loan will be contingent upon an appraisal of the property confirming the value of the home, which will be ordered by the Lender and paid for by the Buyer. Once all loan contingencies and conditions are met, the loan will be approved and you will be cleared for closing.

Final Walk-Through

The final walk through takes place the day before (or day of) closing. The Buyer will visit the property to verify that everything is in working order. You will also be asked to sign closing papers certifying that the property was sold in satisfactory condition.

Cancel Services & Utilities

You will want to make sure that all of the services and utilities in your name are scheduled for shut off as of the date of closing. I can provide you with a list of the service providers and utility companies to help with this process.

Always be prepared

While this is rare, even at the last minute potential issues can arise: something at the house isn’t working; the Buyer’s lender needs more time, or the closing documents are not delivered on time. Don’t worry! As your Agent, I am here to assist you and I know how to handle these issues professionally and efficiently.

The Closing Table

The title company will furnish the Buyer and Seller with copies of the closing statements (also known as the HUD) prior to the actual closing date. These statements will itemize the financial obligations of each party required for closing. On closing day, you and the Buyer will sign the final documents and the title company will disperse the proceeds to you while the Buyer takes ownership. The title company will then record the executed documents at the County Recorder’s office and the transaction will be complete!